July 15: Happy Thought

Happy Thought: “You can do anything, but not everything.” – David Allen We put a lot of pressure on ourselves to “have it all,” and do everything. Realistically, that usually leaves us feeling depressed when we can’t achieve such lofty goals. I love this idea that we are incredible beings and we really can do […]

good quote

July 10: Happy Thought

Happy Thought: Sometimes good is good enough. I love this quote from Voltaire. It is a phenomenal reminder of what’s important as our lives get busier with work, managing the house, taking care of children, running errands and driving to and from activity after activity. With all we have in our day-to-day schedules, recognizing that […]

a little magic

July 9: Happy Thought

Happy Thought: A little magic can take you a long way. This quote comes from Roald Dahl, one of my all-time favorite children’s book authors. His imagination is incredibly inspiring, and his stories equally memorable. He believed in magic his whole life and did wonderful things with it! Childhood is such a brief moment in […]


July 7: Happy Thought

Happy Thought: The littlest things can make the biggest impact. Life can be pretty hectic. Some days (especially Mondays) are extremely challenging and exhausting, and leave you with little motivation to be creative, energetic and present with your own family. Sound familiar? We’ve all been there. But I’m here on this Monday morning to remind […]