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Elizabeth Mitchell – Music for You and Your Children

Music is a powerful force. I find it has almost Harry Potter-like impact, transforming even the grumpiest of kiddos into happy, laughing beings. Music doesn’t just affect your little ones, it can completely change your mood as well. There are definitely days when I’m tired and depleted of energy, which usually means my patience and […]

timeout girl

Why I Don’t Believe in Timeouts

The holiday season is here, which means lots of great parties, activities and more! But, for many of us – our children included – it can (at times) be overwhelming and stressful. Kids in general when overbooked or overstimulated either act out/misbehave, completely shut down, or come unglued. With holiday parties galore, Santa sightings and […]

Apple Pie Play Dough

Fall Craft Ideas: Apple Edition

Apples in the fall are such an easy and healthy snack, and they can also be sliced, stamped, carved and crafted to create fun, inexpensive and sensory-driven play ideas. You can use apples to introduce different smells, textures and tastes all while learning through play. So get pickin’ and declare your own Apple Week! Do […]