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My Favorite Things: Ollibots

I fell in love with these little DIY printable robots, called Ollibots, at first glance. They are just one of so many adorable toys and craft ideas to come from of the lovely folks at Caravan Shoppe – an online store filled with digital downloads.


Not only is Caravan Shoppe one of the cutest online stores I’ve ever seen, but the people behind it happen to be some of the sweetest around. Ordering from them was a cinch and the quality of the artwork is truly impressive.

I am seriously obsessed with everything they have in their shop. I want to make all of the Olliblocks and minifolk, and hang every wall art piece they have. Clearly, I’m going to have to choose my favorites, but they are constantly coming up with new downloads that are great for around the house and for your little ones.

I had so much fun putting these guys together. The instructions were extremely easy to follow, and I couldn’t be happier with the way they turned out. I already had Mod Podge in my craft drawer so I only had to order the wooden blocks and some velcro. My husband even joined in on the fun and helped me make a set for our nephew, Eli. My husband has never crafted before, so anyone of any craft level can make these. Your children would have so much fun mod podging the pieces together!

green ollibot

One download comes with 6 different colored and shaped robots so you can have your own collection or give them away to other kiddos as gifts. The colors are vibrant, they are made of wood and paper – no plastic- and they would look great sitting on any child’s bedroom bookshelf. I also think these would make amazing party favors for a child’s birthday party. Can you imagine if each kid that came to your party left with a robot?? A ROBOT?? How cool would you be?


Be sure to check out Caravan Shoppe and their oodles of downloads. I particularly love their back-to-school posters, chalkboard posters and their party decor, which make perfect last-minute printable art pieces that will make your celebration.

If you’re looking for a great rainy day activity that is inexpensive and fun to do with your kids, you will definitely want to give these Ollibots a try! Beep,bloop, blorg.

all ollibots

{All Images Via Caravan Shoppe}

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