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Raising Bookworms: How Reading Benefits Your Babes

I am a complete book worm and always have been. I credit this to my parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles who used to read to my cousins and me all of the time. Some of my fondest memories come from snuggling up on a big, comfy chair with my grandpa’s arms around me tight as he would read me the “funnies” in the Sunday newspaper. I never got the jokes, but I looked forward to laughing with him – it was pure joy.

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Reading to your children is a wonderful thing to do. Most parents tuck in their tired babes with a story or two every evening, which is a perfect way to say goodnight, but reading during the day can be extremely beneficial, too. Here are some reasons why reading to your children should be a priority in your household:

Reading provides uninterrupted bonding time with you. For your younger ones, sitting down and reading a story with them is like gold. They get to spend one-on-one time with mommy or daddy and the interaction between you two will create amazing dialogue and lots of laughter. For older children, take an interest in what they are reading. Maybe even read the same book as them and agree to hold book club meetings where you go to a cafe or library and discuss your thoughts on the book over a meal. Your older children will feel respected and valued, and you will get to stay connected to them and their interests.

Reading helps young children get a better grasp on the language. This makes them likely to be better communicators. When children can express themselves accurately and appropriately, everyone wins. For older children, reading might serve as an escape from their day-to-day homework filled afternoons. That’s why it’s so important, especially as your children get older, to continue to provide cozy and quiet spaces for them to retreat. Below are some great ideas for creating fun and inviting reading nooks.

Moon Reading Nook

Closet Reading Nook

Outdoor Reading Nooks

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Miraculously, reading can ignite their imaginations and at the same time teach them about logical thinking! Even if a story is about mythical creatures capturing town rivals on floating brooms, the story will likely include structure, conflict, problem solving and cause and effect. These literary concepts translate into critical thinking skills that your child can carry with him for years to come.

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If your child is experiencing the ups and downs of a divorce, or is dealing with something difficult at school, finding a relevant story that they can relate to can help them feel connected, encouraged and inspired. Learning that others feel similar to them helps children gain a sense of belonging and can help them avoid isolation.

Reading can also be a great activity to help your child re-center herself when she begins to become overwhelmed. In my post about why I don’t believe in timeouts, I discussed creating a calming space where your child can choose quiet activities to help destress. Reading can be an absolute gem for redirecting your child’s energy.


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No matter what the reason, reading will benefit your children. Use the library – one of the most underrated FREE services that exists – and provide your children with hundreds of opportunities to fall in love with reading. A book can help them find their best friend, learn about a new topic, make them laugh and be a comfort for years to come.

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