Elizabeth Mitchell – Music for You and Your Children

Music is a powerful force. I find it has almost Harry Potter-like impact, transforming even the grumpiest of kiddos into happy, laughing beings. Music doesn’t just affect your little ones, it can completely change your mood as well.

There are definitely days when I’m tired and depleted of energy, which usually means my patience and fun levels are at all-time lows. When I need a pick-me-up, music is always my go-to solution. I’m not suggesting that you put on a collection of kids singing pop hits all of the time. In fact, I knew I had to mix up the music when one of the toddlers I was working with heard Louis Armstrong come on and asked what Cookie Monster was singing! :) I love Sesame Street, Elmo, and Cookie Monster, and I definitely believe kids music like this (and others – Wiggles, etc.) can be great at times. However, I don’t really want to be listening to loud, repetitive kid-focused music all day long – nor do I want these children thinking Armstrong is Cookie Monster!

A few years ago I was introduced to Elizabeth Mitchell, a beautifully soft-voiced children’s folk singer. Her music is geared toward children, and I find it to be relaxing for me as well. Her latest album, “Blue Clouds” is nominated for best children’s album at this year’s 56th Annual Grammy Awards.



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I love that her music features real instruments: violins, cellos, guitars, and lots of percussion. There is something so attractive and interesting when children see and hear real instruments making composed music. Some of my favorite songs include Peace Like a River, Three Little Birds, Ladybug Picnic, Catch the Moon (with Lisa Loeb) and Bling Blang. Below is a sweet picture of her and her family, who all contribute to her music!


Here is a video for her song Sleep Eye. A sweet and rhythmic lullaby :)

“Sleep Eye” by Elizabeth Mitchell from Smithsonian Folkways from You Are My Flower on Vimeo.

I hope you find her music as relaxing and playful as I do! Do you have other favorite alternative children’s music? I’d love to hear more!

You can find out more on Elizabeth Mitchell and her music at

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