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My Favorite Things: Bringing Your Child’s Art to Life!

My wonderful sister-in-law, Cheryl of Studio Lovejoy, is an extremely creative individual. She paints, she draws, she even made our wedding invitations (which we still get compliments on); really, she does it all. So I wasn’t surprised when she introduced me to this genius concept of turning your child’s artwork into a stuffed “softie” they can cherish!

There are several companies out there to help bring life to your child’s art.  Child’s Own Studio My Own CuddlyFuzzy BucketsCreative Cozies and Le Petit Creations are just a few. You simply send them a drawing from your young babe and they turn it into a soft, 3-dimensional, unique creation that your child can love on for years to come.

police fuzzy

magic fuzzy

{Images via Fuzzy Buckets}

Maybe there is one piece of art that your child draws frequently, is really proud of or connects with, or even converses with. Imagine what an amazing and inspiring gift that would make for your child. My six-year-old self so wishes I had a softie of the caterpillar I drew in first grade. Having a softie to snuggle with can bring comfort and help soothe little ones when away from home, after a long day, or going to sleep. Seeing their own art come to life can ignite their imaginations and show them just how wonderful and powerful being creative can be.

stamp cuddly

duck alagater cuddly

{Images (including top image) via My Own Cuddly}

I just love all of the detail put into these! Because these softies are all handmade the turn around time on your order might be slow (some even have wait lists!) but so worth the wait! And what a great way to support small businesses as well!

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