LGS Recreation Round 2

Infant Massage at the Los Gatos Recreation Center!

I am so excited to announce that this June I will be teaching Infant Massage classes at the Los Gatos Recreation Center! If you’re looking for a great interactive class where you can meet other families all while bonding with your baby, this is the place to be!

Out of all the classes and workshops I teach, Infant Massage is by far my favorite. It is so amazing to watch these mamas & papas (and aunts, uncles and grandparents, too!) bond with their baby in a whole new and fun way.  If you’ve never tried Infant Massage before, I really encourage you to come to my class and give it a go. I work very hard to make sure your experience in my class is a relaxed and positive one. You will be the only one to massage your baby; I am simply there to guide you through the massage techniques and encourage you along the way. You and your babe will leave feeling all sorts of warm and fuzzies!

lgsr flier for post

Register here for the 5-week class! You can find the Summer catalogue online here, or you can call the Los Gatos Recreation center directly at 408-354-8700 and sign up today!

I’m thrilled to be teaching in such a great community and hope you spread the word and come join us! If you have any questions, please email me at hello@kinshipparenting.com.


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