May and June sucked. Big time. Two of the worst months I’ve had in a long, long time. I feel as though I’m only now just coming out of my depression funk, and pulling yourself out of such a haze is not an easy thing to do. But we all go through ups and downs throughout our lives and while I strongly feel it is OK to simply allow yourself to feel sad and upset, it isn’t OK to allow yourself to remain that way. It takes a conscious effort to be happy and optimistic, and sometimes we need the help of others to get back on our feet.

In order to help myself out of my own funk, and to hopefully help any of you other wonderful folks who might be feeling down or just having a bad day, I’ve decided to launch the #HappyThoughtMovement. Basically, I’ve challenged myself to focus on the positive for the month of July. But I need your help,because I know there will be days when it is difficult to stay so positive. I’m asking you all for the entire month of July to embark with me on a #HappyThoughtMovement, where we each try every day to find at least one happy thought and share it with others. Using Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and the hashtag, #HappyThoughtMovement, let’s create a virtual happy place where we can all visit to share optimism and encouragement.

It can be a happy thought of gratitude, one of encouragement from inspirational quotes, or just simple thoughts of happy, like “I get to go home to my husband and family tonight.” Or maybe it is just a beautiful picture that makes you smile, or a funny story from the day; your thoughts can be as light or as serious as you want.

I’m so passionate about making an effort to be happy and focus on the positive because I believe that the better we feel then the better we can be to ourselves and to others in our lives.

So let’s come together as a community to lift each other up, spread the happiness and be reminded of all the good around us.


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